14 October 2011

You need a job and I have $$$

If you're an NLP or ML person and graduating in the next six months or so and are looking for a postdoc position with very very open goals, read on.  The position would be at UMD College Park, in the greater DC area, with lots of awesome people around (as well as JHU and other universities a short drive/train away).

This position could start as early as January 2012, probably more likely around June 2012 and could be as late as September 2012 for the right person.  Even if you're not graduating until the one-year-from-now time frame, please contact me now!  I'm looking more for a brilliant, hard-working, creative person than anyone with any particular skills.  That said, you probably know what sort of problems I tend to work on, so it would be good if you're at least interested in things roughly in that space (regardless of whether you've worked on them before or not).

The position would be for one year, with an extension to two if things are working out well for both of us (not subject to funding).

If you're interested, please email me at postdoc@hal3.name with the following information:

  1. Inline in the email:
    1. Your PhD institution and advisor, thesis title, and expected graduation date.
    2. Links to the two or three most awesome papers you have, together with titles and venue.
    3. Link to your homepage.
    4. A list of three references (names, positions and email addresses).
  2. Attached to the email:
    1. A copy of your CV, in PDF format.
    2. A brief (one page) research statement that focuses mostly on what problem(s) you'd most like to work on in a postdoc position with me.  Also in PDF format.
 I need this information by November 1st so please reply quickly!!!


Sergiu said...

That's an awesome title to announce a postdoc position!

Anonymous said...

what is the pay like?

hal said...

Pay will be whatever is standard for postdoc positions in CS these days.