15 September 2012

Somehow I totally missed NIPS workshops!

I don't know how it happened or when it happened, but at some point NIPS workshops were posted and papers are due about a week from now and I completely missed it!  The list of workshops is here:


Since my job as a blogger is to express my opinion about things you don't want to hear my opinion about, I wish they'd select fewer workshops.  I've always felt that NIPS workshops are significantly better than *ACL workshops because they tend to be workshops and not mini-conferences (where "mini" is a euphemism for non-selective :P).  At NIPS workshops people go, really talk about problems and it's really the best people and the best work in the area.  And while, yes, it's nice to be supportive of lots of areas, but what ends up happening is that people jump between workshops because there are too many that interest them, and then you lose this community feeling.  This is especially troubling when workshops are already competing with skiing :).

Anyway, with that behind me, there are a number that NLP folks might find interesting:

With the deadlines so close I don't imagine anyone's going to be submitting stuff that they just started, but if you have things that already exist, NIPS is fun and it would be fun to see more NLPers there!

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