28 February 2011

What are your plans between ACL and ICML?

I'll tell you what they should be: attending the Symposium on Machine Learning in Speech and Language Processing, jointly sponsored by IMLS, ICML and ISCA, that I'm co-organizing with Dan Roth, Geoff Zweig and Joseph Keshet (the exact date is June 27, in the same venue as ICML in Bellevue, Washington).  So far we've got a great list of invited speakers from all of these areas, including Mark Steedman, Stan Chen, Yoshua Bengio, Lawrence Saul, Sanjoy Dasgupta and more.  (See the web page for more details.)  We'll also be organizing some sort of day trips (together with the local organizers of ICML) for people who want to join!  You should also consider submitting papers (deadline is April 15).

I know I said a month ago that I would blog more.  I guess that turned out to be a lie.  The problem is that I only have so much patience for writing and I've been spending a lot of time writing non-blog things recently.  I decided to use my time-off-teaching doing something far more time consuming than teaching. This has been a wonderously useful exercise for me and I hope that, perhaps starting in 2012, other people can take advantage of this work.