06 October 2006

Resources for NLP

Just a quick pointer that was referred to me. In addition to the well known Stanford StatNLP link list, Francois-Régis Chaumartin also maintains a list of NLP resources and tools at proxem.com. Any other lists people find especially useful (I suppose this would lead to a meta-list :P)?


Anonymous said...

Natural Language Software Registry

hal said...

i forgot to mention drago radev's list

gringo said...

If you're willing to sift through the neurolinguistic processing hoohah (they stole our acronym!), this is a good place to look for resources:


I note with approval that someone bookmarked the present blog recently. ☺

And thereabouts:


I find del.icio.us and similar bookmarking sites much more useful in general than hand-maintained link databases; they take some digging, but produce more recent results.

Anonymous said...

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