07 February 2010

Blog heads east

I started this blog ages ago while still in grad school in California at USC/ISI. It came with me three point five years ago when I started as an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah. Starting some time this coming summer, I will take it even further east: to CS at the University of Maryland where I have just accepted a faculty offer.

These past (almost) four years at Utah have been fantastic for me, which has made this decision to move very difficult. I feel very lucky to have been able to come here. I've had enormous freedom to work in directions that interest me, great teaching opportunities (which have taught me a lot), and great colleagues. Although I know that moving doesn't mean forgetting one's friends, it does mean that I won't run in to them in hallways, or grab lunch, or afternoon coffee or whatnot anymore. Ellen, Suresh, Erik, John, Tom, Tolga, Ross, and everyone else here have made my time wonderful. I will miss all of them.

The University here has been incredibly supportive in every way, and I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Plus, having world-class skiing a half hour drive from my house isn't too shabby either. (Though my # of days skiing per year declined geometrically since I started: 30-something the first year, then 18, then 10... so far only a handful this year. Sigh.) Looking back, my time here has been great and I'm glad I had the opportunity to come.

That said, I'm of course looking forward to moving to Maryland also, otherwise I would not have done it! There are a number of great people there in natural language processing, machine learning and related fields. I'd like to think that UMD should be and is one of the go-to places for these topics, and am excited to be a part of it. Between Bonnie, Philip, Lise, Mary, Doug, Judith, Jimmy and the other folks in CLIP and related groups, I think it will be a fantastic place for me to be, and a fantastic place for all those PhD-hungry students out there to go! Plus, having all the great folks at JHU's CLSP a 45 minute drive a way will be quite convenient.

A part of me is sad to be leaving, but another part of me is excited at new opportunities. The move will take place some time over the summer (carefully avoiding conferences), so if I blog less then, you'll know why. Thanks again to everyone who has made my life here fantastic.


Jurgen Van Gael said...

Congrats Hal; sounds like exciting times ahead!

Chris said...

Congrats on the big decision, we're glad to have you!

Reza said...

congrat Hal.

Anonymous said...

Congrats...Thats awesome.
I never thought that in CS, professors change universities.
Will you take your whole research group with you to UMD??

DesiLinguist said...

Welcome to UMD, Hal! Like Chris said, we are mighty glad to have you!

Jonathan Katz said...

Looking forward to seeing you at UMD; would be happy to have afternoon coffee. =)

Ryan said...

Congrats Hal.

Anonymous said...

Best luck, Hal.

Anonymous said...


Mark Dredze said...

Glad to have you in the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hal,

Just know this news yesterday and I want to say best wishes to you at your new profession!

Wei Liu

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Robin said...

All the best.

Please keep on blogging and share your knowledge.

Anonymous said...

What about your grad students, Hal? Are you taking all of them to UMD?

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