24 September 2010

ACL / ICML Symposium?

ACL 2011 ends on June 24, in Portland (that's a Friday). ICML 2011 begins on June 28, near Seattle (the following Tuesday). This is pretty much as close to a co-location as we're probably going to get in a long time. A few folks have been discussing the possibility of having a joint NLP/ML symposium in between. The current thought is to have it on June 27 at the ICML venue (for various logistical reasons).  There are buses and trains that run between the two cities, and we might even be able to charter some buses.

One worry is that it might only attract ICML folks due to the weekend between the end of ACL and the beginning of said symposium. As a NLPer/MLer, I believe in data. So please provide data by filling out the form below and, if you wish, adding comments.

If you woudn't attend any, you don't need to fill out the poll :).

The last option is there if you want to tell me "I'm going to go to ACL, and I'd really like to go to the symposium, but the change in venue and the intervening weekend is too problematic to make it possible."

Which would you attend?
Only ACL
ACL and the symposium
ICML and the symposium
Only ACL and ICML
All three
Only ACL, because of convenience

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1 comment:

Fernando Pereira said...

None of the options in your poll match my current decision state. It's unlikely that I'll be away for all of ACL and ICML plus the days in between, and I suspect many others feel the same way. OTOH, I'll make my decision on what to attend when the conference programs are announced, which doesn't make your question any easier to answer, unfortunately.