10 March 2011

Postdoc Position at CLIP (@UMD)

Okay, now is why I take serious unfair advantage of having this blog.  We have a postdoc opening.  See the official ad below for details:

A postdoc position is available in the Computational Linguistics and
Information Processing (CLIP) Laboratory in the Institute for Advanced
Computer Studies at University of Maryland.  We are seeking a talented
researcher in natural language processing, with strong interests in
the processing of scientific literature.

A successful candidate should have a strong NLP background with a
track record of top-tier research publications.  A Ph.D. in computer
science and strong organizational and coordination skills are a must.
In addition to pursuing original research in scientific literature
processing, the ideal candidate will coordinate the efforts of the
other members of that project.  While not necessary, experience in one
or more of the following areas is highly advantageous: summarization,
NLP or data mining for scientific literature, machine learning, and
the use of linguistic knowledge in computational systems.
Additionally, experience with large-data NLP and system building will
be considered favorably.

The successful candidate will work closely with current CLIP faculty,
especially Bonnie Dorr, Hal Daume III and Ken Fleischmann, while
interacting with a large team involving NLP researchers across several
other prominent institutions.  The duration of the position is one
year, starting Summer or Fall 2011, and is potentially extendible.

CLIP is a a dynamic interdisciplinary computational linguistics
program with faculty from across the university, and major research
efforts in machine translation, information retrieval, semantic
analysis, generation, and development of large-scale statistical
language processing tools.

Please send a CV and names and contact information of 3 referees,
preferably by e-mail, to:

    Jessica Touchard
    jessica AT cs DOT umd DOT edu
    Department of Computer Science
    A.V. Williams Building, Room 1103
    University of Maryland
    College Park, MD 20742

Specific questions about the position may be addressed to Hal Daume
III at hal AT umiacs DOT umd DOT edu.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hal,

I'm one of the editors of the IEEE Speech and Language Technical Committee (SLTC) newsletter. I just read your post and I wanted to let you know that if you would like to list this postdoc position (for free) on our jobs page, you can do so here:



-Chuck Wooters

Richard said...

Hello Hal,

This position is really interesting to me. I'm wondering if it's still available for application. I'm looking forward to such opportunity. Thanks for your reply.


hal said...

yes, it's still open