07 July 2011

Introducing Braque, your paper discovery friend

(Shameless plug/advertisement follows.)

Want to be informed of new interesting papers that show up online?

Tired of trolling conference proceedings to find that one gem?

Want to make sure interested parties hear about your newest results?

Want to know when a new paper comes out that cites you?

Braque (http://braque.cc) can help.

Braque is a news service for research papers (currently focusing primarily on NLP and ML, though it needn't be that way).  You can create channels that provide email or RSS feeds for topics you care about. You can add your own publications page as a resource to Braque so it knows to crawl your papers and send them out to interested parties.

Braque is something I built ages ago with Percy Liang, but it's finally more or less set up after my move. Feel free to email me questions and comments or (preferably) use the online comment system.

As a bit of warning: Braque is neither a paper search engine nor a paper archive.  And please be a bit forgiving if you go there immediately after this post shows up and it's a bit slow.... we only have one server :).

ps., yes, Braque is sort of like WhatToSee on crack.


Gabriel said...

This looks really great. A couple of comments: the papers that appear in my channels don't show years and are not sorted by year. It would be really useful if they were presented in reverse chronological order. Also, I have a channel that is "likeResource" my own publications page, but this channel includes my own publications. A small thing, but they could be filtered out.

Thanks, Hal! I think this will be very useful.

hal said...

@Gabriel: Years are actually non-trivial to figure out. They're usually not embedded in the pdfs and so far we're making no attempt to find citations. The other thing that's in the pipeline is to sort them based on our guess as to your rating, if you start rating papers.

The likeResource comment is a good idea. It's done. You'll have to reset your channels to see the effect (hit edit, then hit reset).

hal said...

@Gabriel: Meant to comment that viewing the channel list is really using braque as a search engine, which it's not intended to be. You sould view the RSS feeds (which ARE sorted) or check your email.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the launch!