14 April 2014

Waaaah! EMNLP six months late :)

Okay, so I've had this file called emnlp.txt sitting in my home directory since Oct 24 (last modification), and since I want to delete it, I figured I'd post it here first. I know this is super belated, but oh well, if anyone actually reads this blog any more, you're the first to know how I felt 6 months ago. I wonder if I would make the same calls today... :)

If you remember anything about EMNLP anymore and have your own opinions, please feel free to comment. It will also let me know if anyone reads here anymore :).

Happy Spring from DC!


Reza said...

I liked the few papers on MT with deep belief networks too.

Rene Pickhardt said...

thanks for sharing your EMPNLP recommendations before deleting them. Overviews like yours are almost always useful for people who are new to the field.

Anonymous said...

Still reading !

Anonymous said...

still reading and still remembering spmrl 2013, whose panel you nicely participated in btw :)
Highliight: one of the speaker couldn't be here because of the budget cut-off so Yuval Marton and I did his talk by phone.